The dehydrated koala asked a cyclist during the Australian fires

The kind woman gave water to a poor koala.
A tragic situation happened in Australia when wildfires appeared there.

Many parts of the country are affected by heatwaves and not only people suffer from affected territories but animals as well.
And in these photos, you will see how the poor koala asked the cyclist for water. No one could stay indifferent by seeing this.

The koala climbed to the woman’s bicycle. Later the woman told that indeed she wanted to stop the bike and do something for the animal but she did not even manage to do something when the koala ran towards her and asked for water.

Here you can see the amazing moment. And this proves that actions are even more important than words.
When the animal drank enough water the woman took it to the nearest shelter.

Then it became clear that the temperature increased to 140 degrees in Australia.
Here are other pictures that show that many people are even ready to endanger their lives to save the injured poor koala. Indeed, not everyone will do this but it’s nice that there are still people who are ready to help those in need.

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