The couple made a sprinter van to a comfy house and used it for traveling around Canada

Nick Bollen and Sabrina Mazzotta were from Canada. The couple bought a Mercedes Sprinter that cost $20,000.
And so the couple decided to stay in the car and always move from one place to another.

The couple lived in New Zealand before traveling to Canada.
They share their adventures on social media.

The couple work in a design company where they can easily change their work schedule.
They frequently travel so the place is familiar to them.

Now, as they live in a van they try not to buy many things.
Also, they do not have enough space but they try to help abandoned animals.

They sometimes take dogs and look after them till they become old enough to be adopted.
The couple has already adopted five dogs and yet will continue.

They also try spending their time outdoors so that the animals do not get bored all the time in the van. They feel happy as they could somehow help the abandoned animals.

Now the couple planned to travel more often once the pandemic will end and many countries will open their borders.

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