The cat’s strange meowing led the police officer to a lost old woman who was in a ravine

Pets are not only good friends for people.
On August 14, the police began an investigation of the woman who was lost. Luckily, it did not take too much to find the woman. And that was because of the cat.

A woman constantly heard a cat meowing coming from the field.
The woman understood that the animal belonged to her neighbor. The cat tried to tell her about something.

She continued meowing till a rescue team arrived for help.
Later, it became obvious that Piran’s owner, who was an old woman, had fallen into the ravine. The ravine was about 70ft deep.

Then they hurried to help the woman and once they lifted her out from there she was moved to the nearest hospital.
Fortunately, the woman was in a normal condition. Now she is getting treatment and will recover soon. But she could not stay alive if the cat did not tell their neighbor about the case.

So she is a real hero. This story once again proves how loyal animals could be. It’s amazing to know that the animal saved her owner’s life.

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