The cat with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome found his permanent home with his friend

When the family adopted the cat named Herbie who was 16 years old.
And when he died the couple decided to take another animal who was also abandoned.

The couple wanted to take an animal that had a hard time finding owners.
So they met Toby and Quinton. Quinton was the black and white cat who did not have teeth.

The shelter wanted the owners to take them together so that they could not part.
Also, Tody had a disease. And that disease affected all his health.

When the couple came to the shelter they saw that these 2 were living separately from others as they were scared of everyone.
The couple was sure that they could look after the kittens. And they managed to do so.

And it was easy for the cats to adjust to the conditions.
Now they are free to act the way they want.

But Toby needs increased attention.
But the couple thinks that his condition can be easily managed.

He has the same interests as other cats.
Also, the couple said that people only want to adopt healthy animals and forget about the presence of weak ones.

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