The cat, who was very similar to a panther, acted like a dog

See Vincent, a huge cat who got everyone’s attention due to his similarity to a panther.
Many stories of cats often spread on social media, but today’s story is about Vincent who, due to its huge size and eyes, attracted everyone’s attention.

Vincent now has about 540,000 followers
His owners named Anastasia and Andrey have the responsibility to fascinate the world with his cute videos and pictures.
This family is from Russia.

Here keeping pets in rented apartments is not allowed but the family did not hesitate to take the animal. Once, they met the cat they took him.
‘When we brought him to our home I noted how many people looked at him’ told Andrey.

The couple did not immediately choose a name for their cat but once when they were watching a TV show they chose a name.
Now Vincent gained weight and that amazed everyone.

The couple says that lifting the animal is a hard thing.
His look was special and that attracted everyone’s attention.

That’s why they decided to create a TikTok and Instagram page for the cat. All users enjoy its beautiful photos and videos.
You can also follow his page (@vincent_blackpanther).

Many people are also amazed by how the couple let him sit with them at the table.
Taking care of the big cat is not an easy job but they did their best.

And Vincent is the happiness for their lives

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