The cat who was lost for some time is now found and then she heard her girl’s voice

The heartwarming story is about a girl who finally found her lovely pet. The animal was lost for some time.
Let’s accept the fact that losing your loyal friend is painful.

We need them and want to feel their presence.
But this is a good story.

The girl managed to find her friend after two months of searching.
Her efforts gave results. This union will melt everyone’s heart.

The girl did not ever lose her hope of finding the cat.
The moment when they met was everything.

And this moment was captured by the camera.
The cat called Tita loved walking in their neighborhood till one day it was lost.

And they could not find the cat. She often comes back from her adventures but this time she was lost. The family was distressed and Tita’s sister was crying all the time. She loved her friend so much.

But fate smiled and one of the neighbors saw the beautiful cat.
When the dad went they could not find her there.

But when the girl called her name she immediately came.
This was a very touching moment.

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