The cat used her last strength to warm her kids

The cat used her last strength to warm her kids.

A warehouse worker saw a cat with her cats in one of the rooms.
The mom tried to keep her kids closer to her who was lying on the cold floor. She was also freezing and hungry but warmed her kids.

The story happened in Los Angeles. The worker found a cat who was hugging her kids. But this place was not appropriate for the kids growing up. And the man wanted to help the animals as he did not want them to stay in such bad conditions. He asked the animal center organization to come and take them.

One of the activists named Mia and her husband came to take the cats and look after them. When they came home they noticed that one of the kids could not live. But they were all week and needed special treatment.

Mia and her husband did their best to save the rest of the children. The mother also did not leave her kids for a minute. The name of the cat was Mary and she was a very kind and careful creature. The cats were all grateful for such an attitude.

And they showed their kind attitude to the couple. Mary also trusted them.
Let’s hope that when they become older they will find a permanent home and loving owners.

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