The cat is grown and commands his father what to do

The cat is grown and commands his father what to do.

A police officer named Cody Garrett saved a little cat called Skirt.
Probably you have not heard about this guy but his story has already spread not only in his homeland but also among the world.

Now the red-haired cat does not live with the man but also she becomes older and helps the man fight crime. Everything started in this way.
Garrett was working during the night when he noticed a tiny kitten.

He realized that he couldn’t leave the little creature there alone and decided to take him to the police station.
When he took the cat to the station his colleagues also did not know how to act in such a situation.

But this cat was not the only one who saved the man. Also, he found Toothless during night work and since then they live together.
Most probably, it’s already a habit for him to save animals. Once he also saved a group of cute puppies.

And Skirt was feeling very well in the house and considered his own.

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