The cat came back home about 5 times to take all her babies

The cat came back home about 5 times to take all her babies.

Love is just a magical feeling. All moms are ready to do everything for their kids. And this world not only with people but with animals as well.

We will tell you a touching story about a cat who came back to a burning home to take her 5 kids. So she did this by risking her life.
This story happened in one of the New York garages where a fire was started.

When the fire burned firefighters came to the place but then they noticed a stray cat who returned a couple of times to pull her babies from there. She did not have any other option so she did this one by one.

One of the firefighters saw a cat who dragged a cat with her teeth.
She took one of the cubs and returned to take the other one.

The mother, unfortunately, burned her eyes, face, and ears but took all of her kids out of the house.
So she did this 5 times. When she finally took all of them and was already sure that everyone survived she suddenly fell unconscious.

One of the savors took the cat to the hospital and luckily she was saved.
The New York shared an article about this heroic kitten and many people suggested their help to them. The cat was taken by a woman called Karen Wellen.

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