The cat became a blood donor for the baby lynx who was struggling for her life

The cat became a blood donor for the baby lynx who was struggling for her life.

The lynx cat was transferred to the animal hospital when she was in a very bad condition. When they found the predator she was in the barn late at night. And no one knows how long she stayed there. His temperature was so low that the thermometer did not even show it. So, they tried to warm her with a heater.

She weighed only 1.5 kg. The cat was saved that night but was still in a bad condition. So, the doctors decided to give the lynx a blood transfusion.
The vet contacted a local shelter and they provided the cat called Smuckers for that process.

The cat underwent an examination and then it could become a good donor for the lynx.
A nurse called Counrtney who stayed near the lynx during the procedure said that the animal underwent the procedure peacefully.

The whole process lasted 1 hour.
The whole time doctors followed the process to understand the signs of rejection.

But fortunately, everything went normal and there was no need for such a thing to happen. After a short time, the animal was cured.
The animal is still weak and could not eat or drink but we helped her, said the doctors.

Luckily, the doctors are pleased with the whole process. They think that soon the animal will recover and be able to come back to her habits.
And due to Smuckers; the animal survived and his actions did not leave unnoticed.

He became popular on social media and people started to love him.
Let’s hope that soon he will find a new home.

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