The caring baby monkey made great efforts to put the sucking to sleep

Probably you have heard many stories about true friendship that could exist among animals.
In most cases, the animals from the same species are friendly but indeed there are some exceptions as well.

You could not imagine such a thing but it turned out that animals from various species could also be best friends.
The monkey pulled something out of the bird’s feathers and then lay near to him.

She thought that the duckling wanted to fall asleep but could not.
She was very careful and attentive with the bird. The monkey loved and looked after the ducking.

After some time, the bird became more comfortable and immediately fell asleep.
The monkey was a baby herself but did a great job. So, she convinced her friend to lay and fall asleep.

Sometimes, parents even could not do so.
After this, the duckling started to completely trust the monkey.

They began doing everything together. They played, ate, and rested together. So, they both felt happy together.
This was a special relationship. Look at the cute pictures of them and you will feel how happy they are feeling together.

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