The broken-hearted poor dog was waiting for its owner to come back and take her

Dogs are considered to be man’s close friends but some people do not agree.
And many people treat these poor creatures badly. So, when you look at them you will think that they do not have emotions and hearts.

One day, the dog rescue center got a call from someone who told them that a mother dog was left alone with her 2 babies on the street.
When they arrived there they witnessed how the mother tried to protect her kids. Also, she hoped that the owner would return to take them.

The babies were so little that they could not even open their eyes.
The dog was so loyal to her owner that was waiting for him, so she did not even want to eat something that was given to her.

She was even aggressive to those who wanted to feed her.
So she only wanted to protect her babies.

The rescuers wanted to take the dog with her babies to the van.
Fortunately, they also could help the 3rd puppy to stay alive.

So, they will now be safe and protected in the Dog Rescue Center.

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