The brave man catched the animal who was falling from the ninth floor of the balcony

The man became popular in San Paulo when he saved the puppy from death.
The man is living in Brazil. When he wanted to enter the building something happened. The little dog was going to climb down from the balcony.

The man understood that the animal was endangered and hurried to do something about it. And then the dog fell from the balcony.
Then Joe says that he asked for a towel to be able to catch the puppy but there was not enough time.

He knew that he could not catch the pup but he wanted to somehow cushion the fall.
Luckily, the kind man could catch the dog in his hands.

Surprisingly, it did not get any injuries after climbing down from that much height. The dog, fortunately, was not harmed and the man as well. But the owner of the puppy was afraid.

Then he determined to put the bard on the balcony to prevent such cases. And now the dog could stay on the balcony without any danger.

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