The brave dog who was stabbed 5 times got a hero’s welcome when he returned to his duties

Police dogs are real heroes and they did a great job. Their loyalty serves and can do many things much more than people. For instance, they found lost people due to their scent and also followed the suspects. So, they protect us the way they could.

So, these dogs put their lives at risk and prove their loyalty. Such an incident happened some time ago when a dog got injured while doing his duties. Fortunately, he recovered and returned to his duties, and got warm welcomes from his staff.

The dog is named Kaiser. The dog was on his duty when the officer received a call about a home invader in one of the homes.
So, they rushed to the place and Kaiser started to act but then he got some injuries.

But even getting many injuries he continued holding the suspect.
So, they managed to catch the suspect.

The dog needs to be treated well. After getting some treatment he finally recovered and can return to his job. After 2 months he was already next to his staff. Everyone welcomed him very warmly and was glad to see him back.

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