The brave dog saved the 7-month-old girl from burning

The brave dog saved the 7-month-old girl from burning.

The fire caught in one of the rooms of the house and the dog named Sasha woke her owner up and informed her about the danger. The story happened in California, the name of the owner was Nana Chaichanhda.

One of the websites it turned out that the dog started to whine near the owner’s door.
When the woman woke up the dog ran toward the room where the little girl was sleeping in her crib.

At first, the woman did not understand what was happening but once she realized the situation she hurried to take the girl and the dog. They ran away from the house.
People already told the situation to the firefighters. Fortunately, after a couple of minutes, they came and extinguished the building.

“I do not know what could happen if Sasha did not act like this. So I owe our life to her and will never forget her brave action, she is our hero”, says the woman.
Although the whole building was fully damaged, thanks to the dog everyone survived from the fire. So, they all need to thank the kind and brave creature.

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