The boy spent his whole money on feeding wandering animals and after sometime managed to open an animal shelter by gathering donations

Not everyone would take the responsibility to look after animals. Many people do not even pay attention to their pets.

This is a story about a 9-year-old boy who spent his money on feeding animals. While other kids prefer buying sweets, he wanted to somehow help the poor animals.

But he did not even tell his parents about his work. Once, his father noticed that the boy took him food and decided to follow him and understand what he was doing.

So, he saw the moment when the boy fed the animals with the food.
That was a heart-melting moment for his dad. And he felt proud of his boy’s kind actions.

And he captured the moment and posted the photo on social media.
He told the story of his son who fed the stray dogs on the street.

And the post got thousands of warm reactions and comments. Moreover, after some time the boy became popular due to his kind job.
He got support from everyone.

Thousands of people did donations and helped the boy to reach his aim. Eventually, he opened an animal shelter. And many animals would be safe starting from that moment.

So, he is a respectful and kind boy.

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