The boy jumped to a lake to save the dog from drowning

All of us love traveling and discovering new places. This young man had the same intentions and that’s why started traveling. He did a great job of helping the poor dog from drowning.

The woman named Jane Warner, who was the owner of the dog, shared the story on her Facebook page. The name of the dog was Charlie. He decided to follow ducks during the trip. He did not understand how he appeared in the water. And then he started to drown in the deep water.

His owner could not help the dog. She could not reach him.
Then a boy appeared who jumped into the water. He reached the dog and helped him. But it was very hard for the boy as the water was so deep.

Jane was very grateful to the teenager who endangered his life by helping the dog.
She also shared this story on Facebook, and it was widely spread. Then she found the boy.

‘This young boy is a real hero’ she says.
The boy was 17 years old and decided to travel to Wales.

This kind and brave boy got many reactions and people loved his act.
The woman also added that if the boy did not help the dog this story would have a sad ending.

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