The boy asked his family to adopt the dog that no one wanted to take

The boy asked his family to adopt the dog that no one wanted to take.

The poor boy named Robbie had a very hard life in his guardian family. He was often abused by his parents.
Charles Gay and Maria when took the boy they also had animals in their home.

This family used to take dogs that are very unwanted by others.
The boy was feeling sad for the orphaned animals they took.

And he took an old dog named Buffy.
When they took the animal to the special clinic it turned out that he had a disease called tartar. And this caused him torment.

Then it also turned out that the dog is too old to accept anesthesia or such drugs and he also had problems with kidneys.
The doctors think that the only solution to this is painless sleep.

The parents decided to tell their son everything and that the animal did not have much time for life.
When the mother took her son to school she was shocked by the reaction of her son to such news.

The son said that he did not want the dog to feel any pain.
The whole family followed him in his last moments.

Maria posted a picture on social media where Robbie warmly hugs the pet and says goodbye.
This sad story was widely spread on the internet and became popular.

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