The biker gang released the animals from their owners. And they did these thousands of times during their life

The American gang started to do a non-profit project to help abandoned animals.
At first, you will not think that these bikers are pleasant and kind but they saved many animals during their career.

Also, they opened a charity center and the aim of which was to help as many animals as they could. These poor animals are rejected by their cruel owners. And they created a project and they did not have any aim to benefit from it.

They also say that people who are aware of their activity consider them heroes. Despite all difficulties that they met during their career they continued doing so.

The gang also had connections with other companies and since then they managed to help thousands of helpless animals.
So, they are always ready to give a helping hand to poor animals.

For example, one of them took an infant cat everywhere he went as the baby needed to be fed properly.
They also teach people how to be kind to animals and treat them correctly. They all are very kind to animals and support each of them who are abused and need help.

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