The barely saved kitten became a therapy nurse for the rest of the animals at the center

The hero cat who had a special power helped sick animals to recover.
Though animals fill our lives with happiness and joy they also need special treatment and love.

But not everyone can take the responsibility and look after them as needed. They need to feed them and give everything necessary for them. Sometimes animals keep having to wake up early so that they can feed their pets.

Also, they need to spend time dealing with their animals so that they would not feel the lack of attention. But we forget about all difficulties when they make us happy. People who keep animals could not imagine their lives without them anymore.

Here you can see an adorable cat. This special cat has the power to cure sick animals.
This cat is from Poland, He is one of the first saved animals in this center. He had a disease and had low chances of recovery but his life changed.

Now he helps all sick pets who are in the worst condition. So, he became a successful nurse. In these photos, you can see how he looks after the animal. Such a heroic animal!

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