The barely saved dog from Afghanistan recovered at his new permanent home

Many dogs who have disabilities could not find homes and owners. And this story is about a dog who lost his 2 legs.
It seemed impossible for the dog to find its owner but an unexpected thing happened.

The dog who was barely saved moved to the US.
The name of the dog was Mazar who got injured in a car accident.

And no one wanted to look after this poor creature.
Some time passed and suddenly kind people noticed the suffering dog and took him to the hospital.

But he did not completely recover. But he was strong and could cope with difficulties. And soon he shifted to a shelter.
But due to his look, it was clear that he was a family dog.

And people thought that his owners departed from the country and left the animal alone. And the poor creature now does not have a place to stay.
Loise Hastie, who was a soldier, posted a video about this creature.

The woman from England saw the video and immediately loved the animal. She decided to take the dog.
Soon, the dog would be in his permanent home. Now he still gets some treatment.

The woman was dealing very special with injured dogs and that was the reason she decided to take the animal. She aimed to show people that disabled dogs could also live and sometimes be even more powerful.

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