The baby’s cry helped the family to be reunited with their lost dog

An Australian little dog named Luna suddenly disappeared. Luna was by the amazing bond with an 8-year-old baby.
When the family noticed the loss of the animal they dedicated their time to look for it.

Then the family of one of the lost pet specialists to handle this solution. They made a plan and hoped that Luna would come to her familiar place. But the plan does not work.

The owners thought that the dog left its native area which would have made their job even more difficult.
Fortunately, one of the cameras captured the dog.

Soon the owners arrived there.
They called her name but she ran away.

So she did not recognize its name or did not want to answer it.
A weekend passed and the family was in the truck and others were examining the area.

When they wanted to leave the baby started to cry.
And magic happened.

Luna went from its hiding place to see how offended her friend was.

So, they caught her and took their home.
Now the family is reunited. Luna again started to act happy with her loving owners.

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