The baby seal was trapped between rocks and was thankfully saved thanks to the kind volunteers

The kind volunteers endangered their lives to help the baby seal who left between the rocks.
It’s normal for these animals to relax on the rocks after swimming.

But for this poor creature, everything turned out to be hard and its plans did not work. The baby seal could not even move. But fortunately, kind people walked near the beach. They could not think that these creatures needed help but they soon realized that something was wrong.

They rushed to alert the authorities about the case.
However, such cases are common for marine creatures but this baby was confused and could not move.

When the team arrived they understood that it was a hard task for them. They should have the patience to do so.
The animal is small but it already had teeth and can injure anyone who would get closer to it. Also, it was heavy and it would be difficult to grab it.

So they put a blanket so that they would not be injured.
Thankfully, the poor animal survived due to the kind volunteers. And in these photos, you will see the poor baby with a rescue team.

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