The amazing squirrel could not sleep without her teddy bear.

See the beautiful squirrel that survived in the summer.
This baby was 7 weeks old. This story was not a good one but then everything changed.

Once, suddenly the typhoon hit, and Jill fell.
Luckily, the family saved her and took her home.

At first, the family was just looking after the animal and they did not have any intention to keep her. Byt Jill was very glad as she had a new family. After 7 years she now had family and was very happy with them.

And while living with her new family she became popular.
Now, she is popular all over the world. She also had an Instagram account and also about 690k Followers.

Her page is worth visiting as you will enjoy watching her posts.
She is very thankful and blessed as she had such a family.

On her Instagram page, you can learn more about her.
Also, she is vegetarian and loves every napkin she meets.

Moreover, you will be surprised but she loves warm hugs.
And, when it’s time to sleep she kisses her friend, teddy bear and then falls asleep.
Hope she made you happy.

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