Thanks to the careful and kind man the poor dog was found and saved

Thanks to the careful and kind man the poor dog was found and saved.

Bob Hoelter was walking in the evening. Usually, the man is driving his car but that day he decided to walk on foot. When he passes the bridge he hears some strange noises. When he approached there he saw the puppy.

The poor and scared puppy was looking at him with frightened eyes.
So, the man decided to help him without hesitation. He hugged the animal and took him to the nearest hospital.

The staff immediately took and helped him. The man was sure that he will get the necessary treatment from now on. According to the doctors, his face was left under the tape for a long time. He was four months old and the doctors gave the baby some injections. Now he is feeling much better but after some time the X-ray results showed that his leg is also injured and was broken.

Doctors immediately understood that this poor baby was thrown off the bridge.
One of the staff members decided to share this story on social media.

This story attracted everyone and especially a couple who recently lost their lovely pet.
When the couple saw the dog they immediately loved each other and he became a full member of their family.

But everyone was shocked by the fact that humans could be so cruel to an animal. The new owner decided to find the man. The internet helped her with that.
Another emotional moment was when Louie recognized the man once he entered the hospital. So the dog hugged and kissed him.

The man was very happy that the animal is now feeling good and found a home. If the day he did not walk he could not find and save him.
So, man is now sure more than ever that everyone has its destiny that God prepared for them.

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