Teddy bear helped a baby foal to recover sooner

Teddy bear helped a baby foal to recover sooner.

The baby foal barely survived and this story tells about a heart-warming bond with a teddy bear. His mom refused to take care of her baby after giving birth to him. The newborn was left alone and was in a very stressful and hopeless condition and everyone was waiting for the worst to happen.

But when kind people found him they took him to the sanctuary, where the situation was not so bad and the baby began feeling much better. After some time, he found love and warmth with a teddy bear and gave all his saviors to him. It was a touching moment to see how he hugged the bear. Probably, he tried to find the same love that he did not get from his mother.

The sanctuary workers say that it’s already a habit to give such animals toys so that they do not feel them all alone. It turned out that this is a well-working way. When the baby gets special attention and approach, and some necessary food, they start to feel even better.

Fortunately, the baby is now feeling good and even goes out to play with others.

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