Shelby’s kitten died immediately after birth, but then she became a mom again a couple of days later

The owner of Shelby kicked her out immediately after giving birth.
But fortunately, kind people did not stay indifferent and gave her food and warm blankets.

When the kittens became older the family moved to a shelter.
And the special center helped them to find new owners.

But then it turned out that Shelby was pregnant again.
One of the people who was an animal lover named John Bartlett started to look after the mother.

Then Shelby also gave birth to 4 kittens but only one of the babies was alive.
But the baby struggling with its life eventually ends up dying.

After some days, Shelby again gave birth. Everyone was shocked.
The baby is named Lizzy. Fortunately, it managed to survive. The mother was very careful with it. She felt happy only with it.

The baby was small but she ate well and immediately gained weight.
After some days it becomes even more energetic.

The baby also wanted to spend its time with its mother. And when the shelter decided to find them owners they also decided not to separate them.

And luckily they managed to find a family who was ready to take the cats.
And finally, they have their permanent home.

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