See the amazing lingers cubs and tiger

See the amazing lingers cubs and tiger.

Ligers set a new record in the animal world.
The 4 ligers were born from a white tiger and a lion. Yeti, Odlin, Apollo, and Samson are ligers but they look like very big cats.

So, as they grow up they will become the biggest cats in the world. There are 300 white color lions and 1200 tigers in the world. This special color is because of mutation. Ivory and Saraswati are the parents of the kids. They all live in Myrtle Beach.

And ligers bred here in the past. One of their ligers called Hercules is the biggest tiger on the Earth who weighs approximately 922 pounds.

Although he has big size, he enjoys playing with nephews and handlers. The creature of them named Dr. Antle did not wait for such fast growth. It seems that they grow day by day and double their sizes. So, they gain weight every day.

One of them named Yeti liked being in the center of people’s attention and is considered to be the biggest one among the cubs.

And maybe he will become bigger in size than his uncle Hercules. Also, they are considered to be not only the most beautiful animals but also the most precious in the Sanctuary.

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