See Nala, who won a Guinness World Record and became popular

Most probably you often see photos of animals on social media.
Their owners want to post interesting news and pictures of their pets.

And sometimes such posts get more engagements and likes.
So, everyone loves dogs and kittens.

And if you also love them you can look at Nala’s page.
Recently, this animal won an award for having the largest followers among animals.

At this point, it had about 4.3 million followers.
Varisiri took Nala when he was about 5 months old.

She immediately realized how cute the animal in the photos was.
So, her sister suggested that she open an account for the cat. And everything went well.

Her photos gained many likes and comments. People love watching her posts.
She is a photogenic pet.

She did not make great efforts but always got successful photos.
Nala is sweet and joyful, says the owner.

The owner decided to raise its awareness of animal owners.

They are also very happy to have the cat as their pet who always made them happy. Also, the family recommends everyone to adopt and keep animals. The only thing you need to do is take care of them and be very responsible.

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