See a cow named Goliath who thinks he is a dog as he grew up among three dogs

See a cow named Goliath who thinks he is a dog as he grew up among three dogs.

Goliath was born on a farm and he was very thin. He decided to be slaughtered. But one of the residents who heard the case decided to change its fate. She took the cow to her ranch in California.

The animal needed special care and attention. And fortunately, the farmers already know how to act in such conditions.

Here, the baby made friends with 3 dogs. And he started to consider them as his siblings. Surprisingly, he considered him a dog.

He repeated what the dogs did. They did everything together. So, he acted not like a cow.
He also requested to be scratched behind his ear which was not appropriate for cows.

He became friends with a puppy called Leonidas.
The dog took care of the calf as it was his own and if it did not feel good he lay near to him.

But then Goliath moved to a backyard.
But he jealously looked from the window to the dogs.

Once, Shaylee forgot to close the door, and when she returned she saw an amazing moment.
When Goliath saw his brother sitting on the sofa decided that he also should sit there.

And when Shaylie saw this could not stop laughing.
After that, he often sleeps there.

The owners love him so much that they deal with all his actions with humor.
He is lucky as he is in safe hands.

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