Meet Baby, a beautiful corgi who loves everyone and has a crazy personality

When they are small they are cute and we should hurry as they will lose their charm when they grow up.
This Baby lives with her owners named May Theint Nwe and Cooper.

When she became older she started to show her magic and May decided to create her Instagram account.
Baby enjoys playing with everyone. And she is offended when Cooper rejects her this pleasure.

Overall, she has an easy and responsible character.
She acts childish in every situation.

And probably this is the reason that she got so much fame on social media and became popular. The owner regularly shared posts of her and they got thousands of likes and comments. People love her smiling face.

So, they enjoy watching her posts.
The owner says that she trains a little with the Baby. She only gives some useful commands and nothing else.

No one forced her to pose while capturing her. And there were no special photoshoots.
Probably her personality helped her to become this popular on Instagram.

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