Look, Freddy, he is very huge and is the biggest dog in the world

Look, Freddy, he is very huge and is the biggest dog in the world.

Freddie is famous for its size and is known as the largest one in the world. He is also listed in the Guinness World Record as the biggest animal. But the owner did not even think that the dog could become so huge. He weighs a hundred and ninety pounds and is thirty three inches tall.

Nobody could think that he would become such a big animal.
Freddy exceeds its size and now he is about two hundred pounds.

Although he is so big he can make everyone shy who walks in the street.
The owner says that although he is a very huge size he is very smart and charming.

He is a very kind dog and does everything to make humans and animals feel secure and safe.
Claire’s 2 kids always feel good when the animal is near to them. The animal is very beautiful and pleasant.

Claire is very glad to have such a gentle dog as part of their family.
If you like the animal and this story you are open to share your feelings in the comments.

Hope the dog made you feel happy and fall in love with him. He’s a very kind-hearted and caring animal.

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