In Florida, kind dolphins helped the scared dog from drowning

In Florida, kind dolphins helped the scared dog from drowning.

Dolphins are smart and kind animals, who always help all living creatures. These animals are very funny and at the same time unpredictable. Probably you heard different stories about dolphins who help people to survive.

A small poor creature fell into the water in Florida. So, he had to fight for staying above the water till someone would notice him. Fortunately, the dolphins saw him and hurried to help.

So, the dolphins b=came closer to him and made loud noises. So, these noises made people pay attention to what was happening there. Luckily, they noticed a dog who swam there.

One of the dolphins pushed the nose of the dog to stay on the surface and the other one pushed under the dog. It seemed that these dolphins knew how to help the dog. They also attracted people who were near them.

Passers also asked for help from the fire department. The firefighters immediately rushed to help the poor animal. So, they gave first aid and examined the animal, and understood that he stayed in the water for 15 hours.

So, this dog owes his life to the dolphins who helped him. And also the people who hurried to do something for him.

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