Ill puppies are alone in the forest and huddled together

Ill puppies are alone in the forest and huddled together.

It was very cold outside when the man went to work and suddenly saw 6 puppies who were freezing. They needed someone’s help as soon as possible. They didn’t have a wool cover. To warm and hug each other. No one knows how they appeared there and why they were without their mother.

The kind man who found them did not allow them to stay there and die. So, he took them to the shelter. The doctors were shocked by seeing the animals in that condition.

They were badly smelling and the doctors wore masks to be able to wash them. As they did not have wool cover it was difficult to recognize the breed type. After some treatment puppies found people who could take care of them for some time.

They had to split the babies up and send them to the people who can pay special attention to them. After some time they started to feel better. Once their fur recovers, they recognize the breed. So, they are from the Pyrenean breed.

Fortunately, the babies are now good and have a great appetite. Let’s hope they will soon find permanent owners.

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