Hinckley is a good big brother for his sibling

Hinckley is a good big brother for his sibling.

The couple is concerned about how their dog could accept that they already have a new member in their family. But surprisingly, the dog started to treat the baby with special love and attention. The woman said that at first, the dog thought that the baby was a new toy with which he could play.

But then he started to follow the baby wherever he went. The dog lay near to the baby and hugged him. He wanted to protect the child from everything.
Hinckley looked at the baby on the very first night. When the baby was sleeping he followed his every movement with interest.

After some days he already understood that the baby wasn’t his and would not go. The woman saw how they became friends. Also, she thinks that the dog is now in the role of an older sibling, and every time takes care of the baby.

Hinckley still does not know who Theodore is but he continues to look for the baby. The woman when posting about their friendship on social media everyone left comments and they all feel very emotional.

Thousands of people find that we have many things to learn from animals.

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