Golden Retriever saved the cat’s life by bringing her home from the dangerous street and started to take care of her.

Golden Retriever jumped and saved the poor kitten’s life bravely. He took that baby home and saved her from street life. Starting from that day, they become best friends forever. During the trip, Golden Retriever suddenly appeared carrying a little cat in his mouth. The dog took care of that tiny creature all day long and never left her alone. It feels like the dog was that poor kitten’s guardian. When the owner saw his dog’s kind action decided to take the cat with them. He first started to find the cat’s mom but unfortunately, no one was found.

When they came back home the owner of the dog started to wash the kitten and then fed her. But he didn’t know what to do: he needed either to leave her that place or take her to the shelter. But he finally decided to take care of the dog, especially when he saw how his dog treated that tiny creature.

The dog started to follow her everywhere. So, they did everything together, they ate and played together, slept next to each other, and even took baths together.
So, this story touches everyone’s hearts.

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