Everyone’s heart melted when the horse said bye to her owner

Everyone’s heart melted when the horse said bye to her owner.

People should love and respect animals as they are our brothers.

Sheila Marsh had been working in the racetrack since 1921. She loved all horses but her beloved one was Bronwen as she was very connected to that animal. They have been together since childhood.

So, they were together for 20 years. But then it turned out that the woman has cancer and the only thing she wanted was to see her lovely horse. Her condition was getting worse day by day.

So, her daughter decided to ask the hospital staff for her mother’s last wish. All the doctors were ready to make the last wish happen.

So they took the woman to a gurney. All the horses were waiting for her and Her lovely one was also there. So, once the horse came near to the woman she started to shine with happiness. So, she gathered all her power and called her name.

It was difficult for her to do so but she managed and asked her to kiss her for the last time.
By seeing this everyone started to cry. The daughters told her feelings and claimed that their relationship was something special and unusual.

The woman was taking care of the woman when she was 7 years old.

Love does not have any boundaries, animals by becoming a part of our family make us happy. So, the woman could not leave without kissing her beloved one.

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