Everyone talks about the new breed of curly cats and their story

Everyone talks about the new breed of curly cats and their story.

The pictures of the cat who had a special appearance spread on the Internet. His color is not red but something closer to orange. But the most amazing thing is its amazing curls.

This curly-haired cat is alive and real. Some people think it is a unique genotype.
His case was not the only one in the world.

Everything started in 1987 when a kitten called DePesto was born. He was the only one who had a curly coat.
This breed was still in a process of formation and originated from different violations.

When this information was shared on social media all the users were entertained. Many people shared their opinions about the case. But the cat lovers started to protect the cats’ rights.

There are many various opinions in such cases but they were not created to produce stray animals. And there is no intention to increase the number of such animals who later will be thrown into the street.

And there are many stereotypes of such stories. But despite all of them, the animal lovers made efforts to protect them.

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