Everyone passed by the freezing kitten indifferently, but this kind man could not just leave her

The most difficult period of the year for animals in winter. At this time they do not have the necessary food and finding it is very hard for dogs and cats. This story is about a poor cat who was freezing on the road and people passed by her indifferently.

The guy noticed a dark lump on the road. He decided to stop and look closely at what it was. Then he realized it was a cat. The guy also was shocked by people’s indifference who could just leave near the poor animal. Everyone just pretended not to notice the cat.

It was a very cold winter and the temperature was -18C. The man understood that the kitten needed help and warmth. And he decided to help her.

He took the animal home and gave all the necessary things her. The cat was very gentle and grateful. Her name was Nicka.
So, the next day the man took the animal to the hospital. It turned out that the cat was not even six months old.

Her tail was frostbitten and it should be amputated.
But fortunately, the kitten was saved thanks to this young guy.

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