Dachshund rescued the family’s dog who could have been attacked by a lion

A bad accident happened in the family of Lindsey Golden and Sarah Moore. Their pets ran to the yard to play. Suddenly they were attacked by a lion.

The lion grabbed the dog as he considered it easy prey. But she did not know what was waiting for her.
Winston attacked the lion and tried to fight for his friend.

He was Mijo’s best friend. And that was not unbelievable to see such a thing. Winston did his best to protect his friend and he managed to do so.
This is a story of a kind friend who is always ready to help those in need.

After this, the dogs were transferred to a hospital. Everything was fine with Winston but Mijo had some injuries.
Doctors had to remove his eye. Most probably the lion’s teeth damaged his nerve.

And he needs special attention and care,
Lindsey and Sarah did not have enough money for this and they applied for a special center for help. Fortunately, they managed to gather enough money. And they will spend all their money on helping the poor animal who sacrificed its life.

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