Chihuahua undergoes about 17 chemotherapy and copes with them heroically

Chihuahua undergoes about 17 chemotherapy and copes with them heroically.

Once volunteers found Chihuahua Eric who was just 3 years old. The dog was in the blood. In the hospital doctors examined him and they found that the dog has a cancerous tumor. So, this disease opened up the development of different infections.

After taking some treatment the dog already had chemotherapy sessions. During this time the dog got care from the family.

The poor pet suffered all the hardships and thought that they wanted to help him. The treatment lasted about 4 months. Finally, he was cured totally and people who took care of him during this hard time decided to have a party in honor of him. So, they did everything to make him happy.

They celebrated the day like it was his birthday. Afterward, the activists are sure that they can find a new home for the pet. And kind people would take him and be careful with him.

After a short time, people also appeared who wanted to take the puppy. Now the dog is feeling very happy, he overcomes all difficulties and now felt relaxed and calm as he has a new family and good health.

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