Beagle took care of two kittens and became best friends with them

Beagle took care of two kittens and became best friends with them.

Beagle is popular for his devotion and kind attitude. Beagle is a Britain breed who became the mother of two little kittens and took care of them. The dog called Daisy lives in the Uk’s village named Staplehurst.

Her owners adopted two little cats recently. The woman was afraid whether they would get along with the dog or not. She did not want to imagine what would happen in the case of the opposite.

What the result was very surprising, they not only became best friends but also the dog became a real caring mother for the kittens. The woman tells how Daisy started to take care of them starting the moment they met.

So, the dog followed them everywhere and protected them from everything and everyone. Something magical has happened, the maternal feelings allowed the appearance of milk in the dog, and this allowed her to feed the kids.

We informed the clinic that these babies were undernourished and maybe that was the reason that the dog started to feed them. Also, the dog’s milk is harmless for them. The woman was sure that this strong connection will continue and never stop.

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