Baby chimpanzee hugged a monkey who was rejected by his mother

Baby chimpanzee hugged a monkey who was rejected by his mother.

The baby was left alone without his mother when he was born. His mother Kika was from the circus and was often offended, decided to leave the baby to his fate.
So the caretakers should search for the new mother of the baby who could give the baby care and love.

The baby found love in the arms of a toy.
The photo where the baby hugged a plush monkey was widely spread on the internet and people could not leave indifferent.

The Biopark decided to adopt the animal. This is a place created for wild animals.
So, Djibril transferred to a new place when he was sixteen months.

It seemed that Malin, who raised primates, would take him. But at this time she was indifferent to the animal.
But another resident from there adopted him. And looked after him like her own kid. She gave the baby all the love and support that the mother could give.

After a year they were still together.
Then the baby becomes older. He played a vital role among the chimpanzee population in Africa.

According to some sources, this species has already disappeared from the world.
Hopefully, Djibril passed the hard moments and now got recognition from the team.

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