Animal control officer braves smoke-filled shelter to save 45 cats from fire

Jesus Aranda served the city for many years. He worked in different aspects and had different jobs. Recently, the man became an animal control inspector.

He did not have any experience in this field but his love for animals helped him a lot.
Once when he noticed the shelter and saw it was burning he could not stay indifferent.

At that time he only thought about the animals who were inside the building.
So, without hesitating, he opened the door and went for help.

He started to open all the cages and free the cats.
Animals who could run went but those who could not do so did it with the help of the man.

He saved 45 animals.
His skin was partly burned but he did not stop. He returned to help those who remained there.

Then, the firefighters came and put out the fire.
They also helped the man and then he went to the hospital.

Here, he got care and after some time could return home.
After some time, the city council awarded him for such a heroic act.

But he thinks that he did nothing.
But due to his efforts the cats survived.

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