An orphaned gorilla finds comfort in people after being saved

An orphaned gorilla finds comfort in people after being saved.

Probably you have heard many stories about the strong connection between the animal and a human and the moment when an animal becomes friends with a human is very touching.

Bobga lost his mother when he was very little and after that was feeling very sad. Fortunately, kine people found him and brought him to the wildlife conservation center. In that place, the animal finally got the love that he never felt.

Alvina Muma gave him the love that he lost after his mother left him. It’s important that the animal and his caretaker feel safe together and the pictures prove it. The caretaker needs to be attentive with playing, climbing, and grooming with him as these are very important for his recovery process.

The pictures themselves tell how the animal and its owner feel happy together. So, they hug and cuddle each other every time. Even though all the activists from the center showed the same kindness to the animals they were looking after.

Laura says that they gave another chance to the victims and educate the community on environmental protection. Also, they provide other jobs to the ex-hunting communities.

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