After the dog died from disease the woman decided to help other animals

The woman called Jody adopted a special pepetst who turned out to have a cleft palate since birth.
Soon the poor puppy died.

The woman thought she did not do everything for her puppy and felt sorry for him.
Then, a boxer called Gracie appeared in her life who had the same disease.

The woman was again worried for her life but doctors said that she had a chance to survive.
Now, if the puppy undergoes some surgeries he will feel better in the future.

Jody accepted all the conditions.
The woman did her best to avoid the same tragedy. Her new pet survived and now she wanted to help more animals who need help.

Jodi with the help of a special center managed to change many animals’ lives for the better.
Today, Jody encourages all animal owners to never give up if their animals have the disease. They should fight for their lives and do everything necessary for them.

She thinks that people can accept that animals need love as others do. But their fate just dealt with them with cruelty. So, we all should try to help them the way we could.

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