After seven years the man and lioness are finally reconciled

After seven years the man and lioness are finally reconciled.

The animal recognized its savior and hugged him.
The lioness is considered to be the dominant hunter.

Her key is its intelligence, smartness, and courage, which helped her to be more powerful. Luckily, the man could join the pride.

Kevin Richardson dedicated his life to researching and talking with Africa’s animals. Many years ago he found 2 abandoned lion cubs. He took with him to South Africa. This was a place where animals could live freely and distant from people.

‘If I did not take Amy and Meg they would be used in the lion-hunting market,’ said the man.
The man also shared a story about 2 lionesses who started to hunt and talk together.

One of them got closer to the animal and the other attacked it. This is their job.
The man was the director of the sanctuary.

And then he rejoined the animal whom he saved. Meg followed the animal until it reached his savior. And then they reached the water and stopped. She did not know whether to enter the water or not.

But then she found the man and hugged him. She could kill the man but she took care of him.
‘Amy and Meg are my close friends,’ said the man.
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