A woman saved the baby from death

A woman saved the baby from death

A woman named Taya is an animal lover. She is a real hero and will never leave any animal who needs help. And once an unusual thing happened to her. The woman had to find a home for the dog.

A dog gave birth to her babies in the forest. But unluckily the mother passed away. The poor babies need to find food by themselves. So, the woman was able to excite the babies with food.

All the puppies were in the animal shelter beside one. The one was afraid and once she heard some footsteps she hid somewhere. Tanya applied every trick to attract the baby but her efforts were useless.

Taya did not answer Tatiana’s voice. But the woman did not want to leave the puppy alone in the forest. And due to the manifestations of nature, the problem was fixed.

Suddenly the floss started and Taya did not know where to hide. But once the baby was moved to a clinic she climbed quickly under the table. The woman understood that the puppies need to get used to people’s attention and be calm.

Tatiana started to search for a new home for the puppies.
Fortunately, they found new owners very quickly. The new owner already had a dog and 2 cats living with her but she also had a place for Taya. Now Taya has not only a home but also good friends.

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