A woman leaves her job to look for her lost dog

A woman leaves her job to look for her lost dog.

Verne King and Carole had a lovely dog called Katie. One day, the couple decided to go to Montana and take their animal with them.
In Montana, the couple went to do their business and their pet waited for them in the hotel. But when the couple came back to the hotel they didn’t find the pet there.

They hurried to search for their lovely one.
The couple checked all the possible places where the pet could be.

They continued their search even at night with their night vision devices. Strangers decided to help the couple. They created groups on social media and shared the announcement. Now, everyone in the city knows about the lost animal. The couple did not want to lose their hope and continued looking for it.

Carole even left her lovely job searching for a pet. She was working in the postal service. So, they spent about 2 months searching for the animal. But unfortunately, their efforts were in vain.

One day, they got a call. A stranger said that an unknown dog sitting near their home is very similar to Katie. The couple immediately came to the address mentioned by the man, but the animal managed to escape.

But they went around the streets and asked all the walkers whether they saw the dog or not. Fortunately, they managed to find her. The couple did not believe in their eyes, so they started to cry in happiness. They strongly hugged the dog. The couple took the animal to the hospital to make sure everything is good with her as she looks very thin.

In the hospital, it turned out that she lost 5kg. Even the doctors remember the dog as she was already very popular in the area.
Now, the dog is getting some treatment and soon she will fully be recovered.

Now, the owners hope that such kinds of things will never happen again.

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