A poor puppy hoped that the girl would feed and warm her

A poor puppy hoped that the girl would feed and warm her.

Maria joked with her pet and called her chameleon. When the dog was little she was a white-gray color but after a short time, she became white.
Maria could never forget the day when she met her dog. It seemed like it was yesterday.

Maria was walking next to her school when she noticed a beautiful but at the same time scared and hungry dog. She was tiny and weak, and no one knew what would happen with her on the street. So, Masha decided to take the puppy to her home. Once they arrived the girl fed her and she immediately slept.

What’s surprising was that the dog slept and was not afraid of someone or something. They called her Betty and now the girl can not imagine her life without her little friend. It’s already been a year and 3 months that she lives with the girl.

Also, it became clear that the dog was a half-breed Labrador. The girl is very kind and has a big heart. The animal is attached to Masha and loves her so much.
Maria does not even want to imagine what could happen with the dog if she did not take her home. Probably the dog would not have a happy ending, but thanks to her now the puppy is happy.

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